Material for the summer 2014 test-English

Material for the summer test-English


9th  to 10th

muatz: Unseen and Writing

5 points: Unseen and Writing


10th to11th

Muatz: Unseen G and Literature (The Road Not Taken, Introduction to Poetry, Mr Know all and As I Grew Older)

5 points: Unseen E and A Summer's Reading, Mr Know All, The Road Not Taken.

4 points Mabar: Unseen C module + Literature (The road Not Taken, Mr Know All)


11th to 12th

5 points: G module unseen and literature (Mr Know All, A Summer’s Reading, The Road Not Taken, All My sons)

4 points: unseen E and literature (Thank You Maam, The Road Not Taken, Lemon Brown, Mr Know All, Count That Day Lost)